Your Signature Scent, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Scent is a powerful sensation. On top of holding memories, our perfume precedes us before we walk into a room and can give us a boost of confidence day in and day out. But with all the fragrances on the market, finding the one that makes people say, “You smell so good!” isn’t necessarily easy, nor is finding one that feels like a perfect match for your personality.

By now, we know that the signs of the zodiac are attracted to different things based on their innate traits—and the same applies to scents. It makes sense that a fire sign would be drawn to a bold, musky scent and that a water sign would gravitate toward something fresh and beachy. If you’re in the market for a new scent—or are looking to find your signature scent, once and for all—this is the perfume for you, based on your zodiac sign.


As the first sign of the zodiac, it should come as no surprise that Aries love to stand out. They revel in setting the trends—not following them. But because Aries are so bold and ambitious, their sweet side often goes unnoticed, which is why Mugler’s Angel is the perfect scent for them. With notes of bergamot and patchouli leaf, this scent is powerful with just the right hint of sweetness—just like Aries themselves.


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Tauruses have a penchant for the finer things in life, which means any old fragrance won’t do for them; their scent has to be something both elevated and out of the box. As one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, a Taurus is quick to remind you that you need to practice self-love but often forget to do so themselves. This earth sign is the best person to have in your corner but often needs to be reminded that they deserve the heaps of the sweetness that they dole out—which is why their scent is Vanilla Milk by Ellis Brooklyn.

This fragrance boasts notes of vanilla, peony, and musk for a warm, sweet scent that still manages to be completely sophisticated, just like a Taurus.


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Geminis are walking contradictions: busy but tired, flexible but impatient, sweet but stubborn. If you know a Gemini—or have the distinct pleasure of being one yourself—then you know that this air sign tries to be everything, everywhere, all at once. Because they’re so busy trying to balance their busy calendars, Geminis need a scent that will linger all day. (The odds that they re-apply throughout the day are so slim you couldn’t even see them with a microscope.) With an iconic warm, woody smell, Le Labo’s Santal 33 will last through whatever a Gemini’s day brings and is just as addictive and comforting as Geminis themselves.


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Cancers are known for protecting their emotions at all costs. They often come across as shy and uncommunicative, but once you manage to crack their shell and get beneath the surface, you know that’s anything but true. For the first of the water signs, Phlur’s Strawberry Letter is a no-brainer choice. With notes of strawberry, plum, wild lily, and apple blossom, this scent is light-hearted but surprisingly complex, much like a Cancer.


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Leos were born to stand out, and they know it—one might even say they thrive on it. Leos can be dramatic and dominating (and we love them for it!); they’re fiery, passionate, and love the spotlight—just like our girl Rihanna does. Enter: Fenty Eau de Parfum. Riri herself noted that this scent is “an unapologetic expression of [her] full and true essence,” which is exactly how a Leo would describe themselves.


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Virgos are balance, personified. They’re practical, logical, and have a systematic approach to everything. Due to their perfectionist nature, they are deeply rooted in the world around them and, as a result, can sometimes become immensely self-critical. This earth sign deserves a little reminder that the world needs them exactly as they are.

A Virgo’s signature scent is something that dares them to show up every day as themselves—not who they think they need to be. YSL’s Libre is a warm, soft fragrance that dares the wearer to be gracious to themselves and bold to the world at the same time.


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Libras are the only sign in the zodiac represented by an inanimate object: the scale. Libras are obsessed with achieving balance in their lives. They want things to be both aesthetically pleasing and time-efficient —but while achieving this equilibrium, decision-making can become difficult. Glossier’s You is formulated as a personal skin-scent enhancer, meaning it smells a bit different on everyone (but always irresistible). With notes of peppercorn and light florals, You is a your-scent-but-better perfume that’s completely unique to the wearer—which is exactly what a Libra needs.


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With their fiery, intense personalities, it’s easy to forget that Scorpios are actually water signs. Scorpios moonlight as intense and secretive, but once they’ve let you in, the fierceness with which they’ll protect and take care of your emotional needs is unmatched. A Scorpio’s perfect scent is something as irresistible and seductive as them: Taunt by Dedcool. Described as “like watching vanilla clouds in a citrus sky,” and with notes of bergamot, fresh dew, and florals, it’s alluring and mysterious, just like a Scorpio.


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Sagittarians are classic fire signs: They’re unreserved, bold, and crave adventure. They have zero filters and are natural-born travelers—which means that, more often than not, they have a trip or two on the docket. Ouai’s North Bondi perfume will transport them to Sydney’s Bondi Beach with one spritz, which perfectly captures their free-spirited personalities (and will remind them that they should book a trip to Australia ASAP).


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Capricorns were born to stand out from the crowd. Their endless perseverance and seemingly limitless ability to keep pushing forward leads them to be intense—and in desperate need of a reminder that they need a little TLC. With notes of sweet vanilla and tobacco leaves, Replica’s Jazz Club is a sexy, rich scent that immediately triggers a sense of nostalgia. Inspired by the scents wafting throughout a Brooklyn jazz club, this scent will give hard-working Capricorns a constant reminder that they deserve time to let loose and have fun.


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Aquarians are known for being the humanitarians of the zodiac; they’re innovative, ambitious, and rebels at heart. They also need time and space to unwind and reflect on everything that’s constantly flying around in their brain, which Diptyque’s 34 Boulevard Saint Germain refillable solid perfume will help foster. With notes of rose, spices, and blackcurrant, this scent cuts right through the small talk and feels deep and thoughtful, just like an Aquarius.


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Pisces are known for being old souls; they have a lot of emotion and innate, deep compassion for others. They’re whimsical dreamers and can be so empathetic that they risk getting swallowed by the emotions of others. Their sensitive and nurturing personalities make them stop to smell every rose so none feel left behind. Boy Smells’ Rose Load perfume is sensual and feminine, leaving behind a soft, floral scent that’s made for a Pisces.

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