Yakuza Fiancé, Vol 1. by Asuka Konishi

Yakuza Fiancé, Vol. 1

by Asuka Konishi


CW: Blood and violence, organ trafficking, forced prostitution, sexual harassment

I forgot where I heard about Yakuza Fiancé initially, but that cover was a strong motivator. Yoshino, the granddaughter of a crime boss in Osaka, and Kirishima, the grandson of a Yakuza boss in Tokyo are instructed to date (and possibly marry) to strengthen an alliance between the two families.

Yoshino is a bit of a fish out of water, leaving Osaka to live in Tokyo with the Miyama family. She transfers to Kirishima’s school and is honestly surprised by his gentle, easy-going demeanor. Surprise, it’s all a ruse!

Kirishima wants a woman that will “ruin his life” and treat him as “subhuman.” You can imagine my surprise when things took that particular turn. He admits to Yoshino that she’s too normal and if she wants to be of any use to the Miyama family, she should join one of their brothels. Yoshino is understandably taken aback and calls her grandfather, who suggests that she stick it out for a year, making Kirishima fall in love with her, and then crush his heart.

I liked seeing Yoshino build confidence and eventually stand up to Kirishima

TW body horror

(though she sells a kidney and gives Kirishima the money in a fit of rage? I didn’t quite fully understand that).

The art style is a little too angular for my taste and it strangely had a lot of British words and slang like “knackered” and “bollocks.”

I’m on the fence about continuing this one: I looked ahead at the future volumes and

Show Spoiler

there are some mentions of cheating and a love triangle.

People also mention that the plot and romance get more convoluted and fucked up, which may or may not work for me. Going to noodle on this one, friends! In the meantime, happy to take suggestions for more adult romance manga suggestions!

– Amanda

Yoshino grew up the sheltered yakuza princess of the largest crime family in Osaka, the Somei. Due to her resting bitch face and dangerous family, no man has ever approached her. When her grandfather signs a truce with the Tokyo-based Miyama crime family, he offers her up as a truce bride to the Miyama leader’s grandson! Kirishima Miyama is popular, charming, and seems totally normal.

But behind his smile is a violent sadomasochist who thirsts for her dominance even more when she impresses him with her moxie! Even though she knows how bad yakuza can be, she’s stunned by Miyama’s viciousness. She can’t turn him down with the East-West peace treaty on the line…so instead she steels herself to play ball!

Contemporary Romance, Manga, Mystery/Thriller, Romance
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