What are the chances of a BMW hydrogen fuel cell SUV?

The automotive industry is scrambling to slash emissions from the tailpipe, making hefty investments into battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Both are technically electric vehicles but with different energy storage systems. To date, the industry has favoured battery electric for smaller passenger cars, with hydrogen fuel cell seen as a better fit for long-haul heavy trucking. But not everyone is sticking to these hard and fast divisions.

Spotlight on BMW

BMW Group has been steadily expanding its line-up of battery electric vehicles (EVs), and in the first half of the year sold 152,936 units, up 102% year-on-year. But as Chief Executive Oliver Zipse observed: “One technology on its own will not be enough to enable climate-neutral mobility worldwide.” This is where hydrogen can play a role. In fact, Zipse regards hydrogen as “the missing piece in the jigsaw when it comes to emission-free mobility.”

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