Shopping for a New Christmas Tree? These Faux Options Are Worth the Investment

There’s nothing like trekking out to the Christmas tree farm and cutting down a beautiful evergreen yourself to haul back home. But as much as I love the nostalgia and fresh scent of a real tree, the messy needles and daily watering (not to mention the fire hazard) just aren’t things I want to deal with. For all the holiday cheer and none of the hassle, a good faux Christmas tree is well worth the investment to me. After all, if your household celebrates Christmas, the tree is likely the centerpiece of all your holiday decor, so it’s important to get it right. If you’re in the market for a new faux Christmas tree, read on for our best tips on what to look for, plus the best options for every budget.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Faux Christmas Tree

The biggest factor when determining the best Christmas tree to buy is the size. You don’t want a tree that’s so tall it hits the ceiling (might I remind you of the Griswold family Christmas tree?) or one that looks short and squat compared to the rest of the room. As a general rule, your tree should be about 12 inches shorter than your ceiling height. The standard ceiling height in most homes is 8-9 feet, which means a 7-foot tree is typically a safe bet. As for the width, measure the available space where you want to place the tree, then subtract 12 inches. This will ensure your tree fits nicely between the walls and furniture without looking cramped.

Faux Christmas trees come in all sorts of styles, from slim and sparse to full and fluffy, and it’s totally up to you what look you prefer. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a tree that comes equipped with its own lights. Although they tend to be more expensive, I personally love a pre-lit tree because you don’t have to fuss with stringing on the lights yourself, and the lights typically blend in more seamlessly with the branches. Some options also come with wireless remote controls and pre-programmed light functions for extra convenience and customizability.

As far as price goes, you can find budget-friendly faux Christmas trees for around $100 apiece, but if you want a high-quality, realistic-looking tree that’ll last you for years, be prepared to spend a few hundred bucks. And of course, you’ll typically spend more for a larger tree.

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The Best Faux Christmas Trees of 2023

Ready to start shopping? These are our top picks for the best Christmas trees of 2023, ranging from the most affordable to the biggest splurge.

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For a pre-lit tree of this size, you can’t really beat this $120 option from Amazon. Unlike some of the other budget-friendly trees out there, this one has a natural-looking shape and tons of branches to fill it out. It comes equipped with 250 warm white lights so you can skip the hassle of stringing them on yourself, and set-up takes just three easy steps.

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National Tree Company

If you like your Christmas trees big and full, look no further than this option from Amazon. It has hundreds of branch tips to give it a fluffy shape and plenty of spots to hang all your ornaments. This tree does require some fluffing out of the box, but once you have all the branches spread out, you’ll have a beautiful, full-bodied Christmas tree that’s ready for decorating. And priced at around $150, it’s one of the more affordable options out there.

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The Home Depot

This pre-lit tree from The Home Depot went viral earlier this season for its realistic look and extra-bright twinkling lights. The 7.5-foot version has more than 2,000 color-changing LED lights and comes with a remote control that lets you switch between 10 different light functions. You can also download the app and control the lights straight from your phone! Just be sure to shop this one soon because some sizes are already sold out.

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If you’re looking for a Christmas tree with a slightly sparser texture and a more interesting shape, you’ll love this option from Frontgate. The faux needles are molded using real branches and tips found in nature, so the realism is truly unbeatable. It comes pre-lit with 550 micro LED lights, which blend in beautifully with the branches while still giving off plenty of brightness. Choose between eight different light functions and use the timer function so you never have to remember to shut it off before bed.

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Balsam Hill

With thousands of 5-star ratings, this option from Balsam Hill is clearly a customer-favorite. The 7.5-foot size is decked out with 1,000 LED lights that you can customize with different colors and display functions. The soft yet sturdy needles feature blue-green and silvery hues that make this faux tree look especially realistic, and its classic silhouette gives it a beautifully full appearance.

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King of Christmas

If you’re going for a winter wonderland vibe, a flocked tree makes a gorgeous statement piece. The branches on this option are heavily flocked and slightly downswept, which makes it look like you plucked it straight from a snow-covered Christmas tree farm. It comes pre-strung with 800 warm white LED lights that you can operate by remote or the foot pedal for convenient lighting. Plus, it includes a handy storage bag so you can easily pack it away for the off-season. 

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