Save 52% off this solar-powered bird feeder camera during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

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House finches, mourning doves, and maybe even the occasional cardinal are coming out of their winter hiding spots to sit amongst blooming Magnolia trees and maybe indulge in some spare crumbs on the street. Noticing nature isn’t just a good practice in mindfulness—it’s also a fun hobby. Birding can be done any time of year and all over the world. If you want to entice more birds into your backyard—and bully some squirrels while you’re at it—this smart bird feeder is 52 percent off on Amazon as part of its Big Spring Sale. The sale ends Sunday, so make sure to get yours before it migrates back to full price.

Gyozol Smart Bird Feeder with Camera $99.98 (Was $209.99)

This camera is easy to put together, clean, and refill, making it a great pick for aspiring ornithologists and experienced birders alike. The 1080p camera only records when a bird sets off its PIR motion sensor. Then, it saves the recording to an SD card or in the cloud. Built-in AI bird recognition identifies the winged friend that lands on the feeder, and an app lets you file through avian visitors past and present. If you’re tired of squirrels stealing your bird feed, you can tell them to buzz-off, literally. Finally, the squirrels can get what they deserve.

If you’re looking for the best bird feeder camera and you’re cool with buying something at full price, go for the Bird Buddy. It’s $239 for the base version, but we recommend upgrading to the $299 version with the solar roof. It’s pricey, but completely worth it for up-close and personal views of the birds in your neighborhood.

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