Pininfarina designs "world's cleanest snowmobile" for Vidde

Swedish mobility company Vidde has developed an electric snowmobile in partnership with Italian design studio Pininfarina that aims to minimise carbon emissions while being fun to drive.

Vidde set out to create an alternative to existing petrol and diesel snowmobiles, which typically produce more than twice as much CO2 per journey as a car.

The Alfa snowmobile reduces emissions from both operation and production by approximately 85 per cent thanks to its 130-kilowatt electric motor and its use of recycled and recyclable materials.

Man walking up to Alfa snowmobile by Vidde and Pininfarina
Vidde has developed an electric snowmobile made from recycled materials

Vidde aims for “the world’s first electric snowmobile with a circular ambition” to generate less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

“In two years, a lean core team working with absolute top partners has taken the terrain mobility category from super dirty to the start of a circular electric future,” said Vidde Snow Mobility co-founder and CEO Christian Lystrup.

“We are proud to present the world’s cleanest snowmobile to the market and look forward to start validating it in actual use with our partners.”

Render of person driving a snowmobile from aboveRender of person driving a snowmobile from above
The production model is being tested at the Icehotel

Other benefits of the electric motor include a significant reduction in noise, meaning the vehicle can be used to explore nature without generating disruptive engine sounds.

Particular attention was paid to the development of a battery that can operate in winter temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Vidde partnered with Italian design house Pininfarina to develop the snowmobile’s styling, aiming for a design that is timeless, purposeful and fun to drive.

Rather than adapting the design of existing snowmobiles, the team led by Pininfarina’s senior vice president Xavier Blanc Baudriller started with a blank slate.

This “clean sheet” approach focused on removing any unecessary details, resulting in a low-slung, angular form.

Render of Alfa snowmobile by Pininfarina Render of Alfa snowmobile by Pininfarina
Renders by Pininfarina show the snowmobile’s distinctive orange detailing

“Through close collaboration with users and a focus on sustainable materials and usability, we are creating a vehicle that will remain relevant and attractive for years to come,” said Vidde’s head of design and sustainability Kristine Lium.

As part of its research and development phase, Vidde carried out thorough test runs using a prototype called Frankenstein, or Frank for short, at several venues including the Icehotel in northern Sweden.

Now, the Alfa production model is being tested at the Icehotel, offering guests the opportunity to undertake snowmobile safaris or tours to witness the Northern Lights.

Vidde is also partnering with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) to develop a circular business model to complement the snowmobile.

Pininfarina is known for its work in the transportation sector and, in particular, for its long-standing association with car brands like Ferrari.

The studio, which was acquired by Indian conglomerate Mahindra in 2015, has designed a wide range of products and vehicles including a Ferrari-like tractor and a “sporty and dynamic” electric bicycle.

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