Outpouring of support has given Norco's Gary Parcell motivation to keep coaching

Gary Parcell, 70, is coming back for his 33rd season as head baseball coach at Norco thanks to what he called “overwhelming” support from players, coaches, scouts.

Word leaked that Parcell was being forced out as coach.

“They were trying to force me to retire,” Parcell said.

One of his players, freshman Dylan Seward, took to social media to express his disgust at trying to push away somebody who was making a difference in his life and many others.

Now Parcell said he’s coming back next season and perhaps longer. He said the district superintendent told him it’s his job next season and for as long as he wants it.

“I’m very thankful of what everybody did,” he said. “It was pretty overwhelming. You coach kids for a long time. You hope you helped them, but you don’t know until something like this happens.”

As far as Seward going out on the limb publicly supporting him, Parcell said, “There were 15 D-I coaches who called me and want to take that guy right now.”

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