Heidi Klum’s 18-year-old daughter Leni was criticized for her lingerie shoot

Heidi Klum’s photo shoot of lingerie with Leni, her 18-year-old daughter, is drawing mixed reactions.

Intimissimi, an Italian brand, featured Klum and Leni in its most recent campaign. In the photos, Klum and Leni wore black and white lingerie and each wore a bra and underwear.

Intimissimi captioned the photo with “Like mother-daughter,” “Every woman has a special spot in her heart for her favorite pieces of lingerie.”

It wasn’t everyone’s favorite. One user commented on the photo, “The photo is strange and the caption makes the picture even weirder lol.”

A few images and videos from the shoot were also shared by the brand. Klum posted the photos, but Klum turned off comments.

Another person commented on an Intimissimi post, “Sexualizing your daughters the moment they turn law is strange.”

A user commented, “Very troubling.”

Another user stated, “I like to think that I’m progressive in these things but moms and daughters in lingerie during the same video shoot was just a bit odd.”

Others however praised the campaign.

One wrote, “Amazing mother-daughter relationship,”

One user commented, “Wow! Finally, a mommy model with her child instead of influencers that I’m sick and tired of seeing.” This is a great advertisement.

Another user responded to the backlash by saying that they don’t understand why everyone is “pressed.”

The user stated that this was a classy advertisement for underwear. It beautifully embraces the Italian heritage of the brand. It’s a mother and her daughter wearing everyday underwear. If you want to sexualize it, that is your problem. It is important to remember that underwear is not meant to be sexual.

At the age of 16, Leni began her modeling career. Klum and her daughter were featured on the cover of Vogue Germany’s January/February 2021 issue.

“I was so excited to be on my first cover! It was so much fun working with @voguegermany. I couldn’t have asked for a better start! “Thank you @heidiklum for being beside me,” Leni wrote that day on Instagram.

Klum stated that Leni spent a lot of time on TV with Klum in 2020 and had aspirations for hosting and modeling shows.

“She just kind of goes [on set] and watches and learns, not only what I do but what all the other people on a TV set are doing.” People magazine reported that she finds it very fascinating. When you reach that age, you still have to decide who you are and what you want to do. You also need to see the different jobs to make a TV series happen. She wants to do the same things as me.”

“Who knows, maybe it’ll be like ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ by Leni Klum in five years.” She laughed at the time. She’s just playing with the idea

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