ENG Launches First Misbhv Flagship in Chengdu

Misbhv, the Warsaw- and Paris-based designer fashion brand, recently launched its first flagship store in Chengdu, China‘s southwestern hub known for its spicy cuisine and vibrant subculture scene.

The Misbhv flagship is operated by ENG, Misbhv’s Greater China exclusive retail partner since 2022 and a popular designer fashion retail concept with stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing and, most recently, Chengdu.

The shop, which neighbors an ENG store, is located in the former Golden Autumn Tea House on Citang Street, an ancient street revitalized as a downtown commercial hub.

The 3,700-square-foot flagship includes an outdoor club and exhibition area, a café and a VIP room.

Designed by local design firm Atmosphere, the store offers a minimally futuristic atmosphere created by its steel grid system, or as the brand calls it, “a post-apocalyptic city space.” Dark walnut walls and wooden display units act as accents and echo the building’s storied past.

Inside Misbhv’s Chengdu flagship.

“Chengdu, just like Misbhv, likes to operate slightly off the radar,” Misbhv creative director Tomek Wirski told WWD. “It’s the third major Chinese city for retail, has a thriving music scene with one of our favorite clubs in the world, great architecture, and ties to Taoism, which for me is particularly important,” Wirski added.


Mulli Li, executive director for Misbhv in Greater China; Natalia Maczek, founder of Misbhv; ENG founder Sherry Huang, and Tomek Wirski, Misbhv creative director, at the Chengdu flagship opening.

“Our new Tmall store, which was just launched this year, has also achieved impressive results on Singles’ Day,” said Mulli Li, executive director for Misbhv in the Greater China area.

“The next step is to integrate the brand deeper into the Chinese community, trying to express Misbhv’s understanding of Chinese culture through targeted initiatives and creating ways for the brand to have a meaningful dialog between the European and Chinese communities,” Li added.

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