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Cover Awe: Pretty Jackets, Teal Colors, & More

Welcome back to Cover Awe, where we look at book covers that have caught our eye.

The Witches of Bone Hill by Ava Morgyn. The silhouette of a castle or large estate can be made out amongst a dark blue, purplish background. Stars and black birds litter the sky. Gold filigree wraps around the border. A fox is tucked in the upper lefthand filigree.

Cover design and illustration by Olya Kirilyuk

Sarah: Filigree with stuff – this time a fox, runes, and ravens

Amanda: Filigree is having a moment

Sarah: So is stuff!

Claudia: Stuff is like disco — never died!!

Lara: The colour combo is really working for me!

Sneezy: Me too! It has such a fairy tale quality to it!

The Water Outlaws by S.L. Huang. An illustrated cover that is reminiscent of a woodblock painting. A figure in red and white rides on a black horse. The background is swirls of teal and white clouds, dotted with yellow flowers and dark green warrior figures.

Cover illustration by Feifei Ruan

Amanda: Any cover with a horse gets bonus points? I also love art style and how it pairs well with the book description.

Sarah: That is truly gorgeous. I love the layers in the illustration!

Lara: The brushstroke water is gorgeous!

Sneezy: Everything about this cover is amazing.

Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison. A man and woman are standing closely, wrapped in each other's arms. They are wearing winter clothing - beanies, scarves, jackets. The woman holds a coffee cup in her free hand. The man dangles a large sprig of mistletoe in front of their faces, obscuring them.

Cover illustration by Lila Selle, based on the original illustration by Sam Palencia of Ink and Laurel 

Amanda: I love the thematic covers of this series – two people whose faces are obscured by something.

But of course, you just know that halfway through the series, publishing is going to change everything and mess with the aesthetic and nothing matches anymore.

Also…are these good? Is it closed door? Please tell me more!

Sneezy: Ooh I’m going to check out the other ones!

Sarah: He’s got the tree for the mirror so the car don’t smell!

Seriously this is adorable.

Lara: this is a cover that would make me pick it up at the library

The Heiress Swap by Maddison Michaels. A very purple photography cover. The background is a smoky, London street in dark purple. A man and woman are kissing. The man has dark brown hair and is in a light tan jacket. His hands are on the woman's waist, The woman is in a dark purple dress with a bustle at the back. She's wearing a matching jacket that is embroidered with gold brocade.

Cover design by Bree Archer

Cover images by Teresa Colucci/Gettyimages and VJ Dunraven/Period Images

Amanda: Obsessed with this jacket

Elyse: Yesssss

Claudia: Incidentally, what’s the ruby award??

Amanda: Took some digging because there are other Ruby Awards out there, but it’s the Romantic Book of the Year award by Romance Writers of Australia.

Sarah: We are going to have to have a dance off for the jacket, ma’am.

Lara: That purple is LUSH!

Sneezy: SO lush! And you KNOW they coordinated their outfits beforehand!

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