40+ Black-Owned Businesses We Love to Support Now and Always

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that if necessary social justice changes are going to happen, support of the Black community has to go far beyond attending protests and posting on social media. If you too are wondering what you can do as an ally beyond pressing the “post” button or making a donation, the answer is clear: support small, Black-owned businesses. There are so many incredible brands out there where you can shop for everyday staples—and use your dollars to give back to the community in the process. Frequenting local Black-owned businesses in your area is a great place to start, but there are also tons of options you can shop online right now.

We’ve rounded up 40+ BIPOC-owned brands—the majority of which are also owned by women—where you can purchase beauty and personal care products, clothing, jewelry, home decor, books, and so much more. So instead of placing yet another order at a big-box retailer, consider shopping at one of these small businesses instead. 

Black-Owned Businesses to Shop Now and Always

Show your love and support to these Black-owned businesses.

Health & Beauty

1. Ami Cole

Ami Cole focuses on beauty products made by people of color for people of color without toxic ingredients. Their makeup is made specifically for melanin-rich skin, so you can get products you love that actually work for your skin tone.

2. Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie creates dessert-inspired cosmetic and beauty products that are cruelty-free and all-inclusive. Plus, the brand gives back to orphanages around the world, so you can rest assured you’re getting amazing products and making a difference while shopping. 

3. Black Girl Sunscreen

Because everyone’s skin needs protection from UV rays, Black Girl Sunscreen offers natural sunscreen products specifically formulated for Black skin. We not only love this brand for its products but also for its goal of educating consumers on the importance of sun protection. 

4. Bread Beauty Supply

Finding the perfect everyday haircare routine can seem like a never-ending battle, especially when your hair requires more than a 2-in-1 shampoo and a quick comb before heading out the door. Bread Beauty Supply creates products made to be your everyday go-to for a simple, no-fuss routine while still caring for your curls, braids, buns, or whatever style you’re rocking.

5. Briogeo

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to haircare. That’s why Briogeo offers customizable haircare routines with clean, ethically sourced products for every hair type.

6. Femly

Not all period products are created equal, and Femly’s organic period products offer a 100% cotton alternative to other pads and tampons that can contain harmful chemicals. They also emphasize the importance of period education and work to end period poverty through their eco-friendly dispensers that offer free products.

7. Homebody

Homebody’s products are designed to make you feel at home in your body. Their bath soaks use CBD, antioxidants, and superfoods to relax the body and mind. Nothing says self-care like taking a warm bath, and these bath soaks will take your wellness ritual to the next level.

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8. Lys Beauty

Clean beauty is all the rage right now, but many brands fail to create an inclusive range of products. Lys Beauty is on a mission to “diversify the clean beauty industry” with accessible, skin-loving products for all complexions.

9. Oui The People

Oui The People said “no” to traditional shaving products and “yes” to sustainable body and shaving products to perfect your routine. Plus, their mission of disrupting traditional beauty standards is nothing short of admirable. 

10. The Honey Pot

In an industry as confusing as feminine hygiene, The Honey Pot makes it simple. This brand is a one-stop shop for 100 percent natural, plant-based feminine care products.

11. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar’s goal? Maximum impact, minimal effort. We can’t get enough of their vegan, cruelty-free, and easy-to-use cosmetics centered around inclusivity.

12. Topicals

Topicals’ internet-viral skincare products are designed to look great on your bathroom counter, but the brand is way more than their adorable packaging. Their priority is science-backed skincare that will make a difference in your skin and your mental health. Topicals donates a percentage of profits to mental health initiatives aiming to improve awareness of the connection between mental health and skin health.


13. Brandon Blackwood

After their viral ESR (End Systemic Racism) tote went viral on social media, Brandon Blackwood became well known for their iconic handbags and accessories. Spotted on fashion-forward celebs like Kim Kardashian, Solange Knowles, and Keke Palmer, these bags will have you in good company.

14. Knature the Label

Inspired by her travels and bohemian lifestyle, Knature founder Aneshka Boozer designs ethereal silhouettes to “accompany your wild spirit.” Her stunning pieces will elevate any outfit.

15. Lola Ade

Lola Ade’s designs are inspired by the colors of the world and handcrafted with love. This jewelry brand offers a mix of bold statement pieces and timeless classics that will have everyone asking you, “Where did you get that?!”

16. Melanie Marie

Melanie Marie believes the jewelry you wear should reflect who you are, and their gorgeous custom gold, gold-plated, and sterling silver jewelry is designed to do just that. Plus, their Gems & Jewels Mentor Program aims to inspire young girls to apply what they’ve learned in school to their daily lives. 

17. Nude Barre

The days of one color option for “nude” tights are in the past thanks to Nude Barre, a bodywear and intimates brand that’s redefining nude. Nude Barre sells bras, underwear, and tights in various shades and inclusive sizes so everyone can find their match.

18. One DNA

One DNA creates fashionable gender-inclusive closet staples that span seasons and styles. The Black, queer, and women-owned business prioritizes giving back to communities, with 10 percent of profits from certain collections going toward the National Women’s Law Center and U.S.-based food banks.

19. Yam

Believing that your jewelry should be as unique as you are, Yam creates handmade and upcycled jewelry with a vintage feel. Their made-to-order, nostalgic designs are pieces you’ll forever cherish. 


20. Be Rooted

Founded so women of color could see themselves represented in their stationery goods, Be Rooted combines culture and representation with design. Whether you schedule out every minute of your day or you’d rather brain-dump your feelings on a page, Be Rooted’s wide range of products—including journals, planners, calendars, and games—has something for everyone.

21. Dorcas Creates

For products created to spark joy, head to Dorcas Creates. Choose from endless vibrant greeting cards, art prints, notebooks, bags, earrings, and enamel pins all uplifting Black women.

22. Oh Happy Dani

For a daily dose of happiness, Danielle Coke of Oh Happy Dani delivers. Her inspirational art prints are designed to encourage faith, justice, and love.

23. Stormy Nesbit

If you want your decor pieces to exude as much elegance and strength as you do (and who doesn’t?), check out the work of Stormy Nesbit. The graphic designer and illustrator celebrates Black culture through art prints, stickers, calendars, notebooks, and more.

24. Unwrp

Filling a void in the world of luxury gift wrapping, Unwrp offers luxe and sustainable gift wrapping and home decor. Their vibrant prints are the perfect way to take your gift-giving game up a notch—we especially love their reusable fabric gift wraps!


25. Albany Park

If buying a new sofa sounds totally overwhelming, you’re not alone. Founders Darryl and Jessica Sharpton found the process so stressful that they created an entire company to change how we buy sofas. No more scrolling through endless out-of-budget options! Plus, you can get free delivery to your home in apartment-friendly boxes—yeah, we’re obsessed, too.

26. Clare

Clare founder Nicole Gibson is on a mission to make paint shopping hassle-free. The paint brand offers an expertly curated palette of colors, so you don’t have to navigate the confusing, never-ending world of paint on your own. They’ve also created peel-and-stick color swatching, so you can test without the mess.

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27. Estelle Colored Glass

Vintage-inspired with a modern twist, these hand-blown, specialty-made glasses will add a stunning pop of color to your next dinner party or at-home happy hour. Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall draws inspiration from her grandmother Estelle’s own collection of colored glass and love for antiques and hosting.

28. Goodee

If you want beautiful home products with a positive environmental and social impact, Goodee is the place for you. Twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart created Goodee together to create a homeware marketplace that prioritizes “good designs, good people, and good purpose.”

29. Harlem Candle Co.

Nothing creates the perfect ambiance like a candle, especially one that tells a story. Harlem Candle Co. blends fragrance and history, crafting scents inspired by the Harlem Renaissance that will transport you back in time.

30. Jungalow

Originally started as a design blog by founder Justina Blakeney, Jungalow has expanded into a lifestyle brand and “jungalicious” shop for bright, colorful goods. Jungalow is the perfect spot for a piece to brighten up your space and infuse it with some of the brand’s creative energy.

31. Kobi Co.

Kobi Co. is a mother-daughter-owned company that is all about setting a vibe. Each of their luxury candles is paired with a curated playlist to turn self-care into a multi-sensory experience. A portion of the proceeds also goes towards an annual scholarship for young BIPOC women’s education.

32. Rayo and Honey

A brand that’s been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list is a brand we can get behind! Rayo and Honey is your new favorite source for witty and affirmational flags, banners, bags, and more. 

Food & Drink

33. BLK & Bold

Co-founders Pernell and Rod launched BLK & Bold with the joint goal of uniting coffee- and tea-lovers while investing in their community. A percentage of all their profits goes toward organizations across the U.S. that support children in need.

34. EssieSpice

After falling in love with the flavors of Ghana in her mother’s kitchen, founder Essie Bartels traveled the globe in search of the very best spices. Now, she curates delicious sauces, spice rubs, and condiments for her brand, EssieSpice. 

35. Golde

Golde is on a mission to make wellness attainable for all with its superfood-boosted latte blends and matcha powder. Your morning pick-me-up is about to get a lot better.

36. McBride Sisters

As the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, McBride Sisters has a wine selection for every preference. From sparkling to canned and everything in between, we know you’ll love this wine—especially their “Black Girl Magic” collection. 

37. Partake

Partake creates delicious snacks that are food allergy-friendly without sacrificing taste. Formulated without GMOs, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, and common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk, soy, and more, these clean treats offer peace of mind for anyone who needs to be mindful of certain ingredients. Plus, you can easily find them at retailers like Target and Amazon.


38. Harriett’s Bookshop

Named in honor of Harriet Tubman, this Philadelphia bookstore celebrates female authors, artists, and activists.

39. Mahogany Books

This family-owned, Washington D.C.-based bookstore specializes in books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora. Mahogany Books aims to promote literacy and cultural awareness throughout the community.

40. Sscarlet’s Web

Sscarlett’s Web is a Black, woman-owned independent online bookstore founded out of a need for a space that puts authors at the forefront. You can discover well-known and new authors, all without leaving the house.

41. Semicolon Bookstore

Chicago’s only Black woman-owned bookstore and gallery has a message we can all get behind: bettering the community through the undeniable power of words. They aim to raise literacy rates within Chicago and beyond, and we can’t think of a better cause to support!

42. The Lit. Bar

If your favorite pastime is sipping on a glass of wine while reading a new book, you’re going to want to check out The Lit. Bar like, yesterday. It’s the only independent bookstore in the Bronx that doubles as a wine bar and event venue. For those of us who aren’t located in NYC, we can still grab one of their staff picks and cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine.

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Christine Platt and Catherine Wigginton Greene

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Arlan Hamilton and Rachel L. Nelson

43. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

There are few places we love more than coffee shops and bookstores, and the Philadelphia-based Uncle Bobbie’s has the best of both worlds and beyond. Locals and tourists alike flock to this space to grab a cup of coffee, snag a new book, or host an event.

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