10 delightfully silly, never-before-seen images from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Humans are not the funniest members of the animal kingdom. Absolutely not.

Sure, we have knock-knock jokes and Netflix specials, but it’s our feathered and furry friends that really bring in the laughs. Nowhere is that on display more than with the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The annual competition has been celebrating the goofy antics of animals for nearly a decade. And to celebrate a new partnership with Nikon for the 2024 edition, they’ve shared 10 never-before-seen images from last year’s entries.

“I just think you’re otter this world!”
Image: Emeline Robert-Pottorff/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam founded the competition in 2015, determined to share the hilarious joy of wildlife and bring attention to much-needed conservation efforts. Entries for the 2024 Nikon Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards are open until July 31.

a white and grey bird with yellow eyes marches towards the camera
“A tough guy – flying is for the weak.”
Image: Alvin Tarkmees/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
a monkey holding a piece of fruit and sitting in a tree looks up
“Oops, did I pick your candy?”
Image: Jo De Pauw Ghent/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
three birds: two looking at each other with a third staring at the camera
“If looks could kill”
Image: Alex Pansier/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
a ground squirrel with a mouth full of grass and half-shut eyes
Image: Tímea Ambrus/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
three monkeys: one standing on the back of another to reach a third
Image: Atsuyuki Ohshima/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
a sea lion eats a fish but looks like it has the wings of a gull
“Sea Flyin’”
Image: Michael Rigney/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
a bird with the feathers of another bird on its face
Image: Anna Wiazowska Den Bosch/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
a penguin bent in a way that makes it look like it lost its head
Image: Francis Glassup/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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